Our Mission

Our mission is to provide devoted childcare, quality early education and individual customer service to area parents who want a partner in their child’s care and education.

Devoted childcare

Our teachers receive hours of training in various fields such as health, safety, nutrition, curriculum and behavior. Teachers are also all CPR and first aid certified as well as being well versed on what to do in emergency situations. We serve quality and healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack) each day. In addition to home cooked meals our staff provides warm and loving care which includes one on one and small group time daily.

Quality Early Education

We teach and assess using theme-based and project-based curriculum. We teach using different approaches and styles through active lessons, sign language, Spanish, French, and more! Parents are able to see how and what their children are learning through the child created displays in our hallways and our active Facebook page to the bi-annual parent/teacher conferences and posted weekly lesson plans.

Customer Service

We work with each family individually to make sure that area children receive quality, affordable childcare and education. We encourage family involvement through many different family focused events such as the grandparents day lunch, field day, our annual family BBQ, bike day, literacy night and so many more. We also visit many Kansas City attractions, such as the zoo, Kaleidoscope, Science City, pumpkin patches, and more through field trips that extend our students learning experiences.