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In order to successfully partner with families, Brighton Learning Center stands to be a comprehensive experience and premium option for childcare and education.

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Thank you for your time and interest in Brighton Learning Center! We are a state licensed and family owned facility in the Northland and have been in operation since 2009. The cornerstones of our facility are developmentally appropriate school readiness practices, caring and attentive care, moral responsibility lessons, and individualized customer service. We are a learning center that understands the importance of keeping children safe, healthy, and engaged in learning so that they can thrive and grow in their potential. We also believe that teaching values such as honesty, kindness, love, and self-respect can and should be interwoven through our daily academic curriculum.

Our Rooms and Rates

Affordable | Innovative | Individualized


Young Infants (6 weeks to 9 months)

$285 per week

The theme for this classroom is communication, communication, communication! There is so much brain development happening at this age that our teachers understand the importance of constant communication with the babies. While diapering, feeding, doing art and sensory, or tummy time the infants are being talked to, sung to, and read to. The communication continues with the parents through daily sheets, updates at drop off and pick up, and weekly emails.


Older Infants (9 months to 16 months)

$285 per week

These are our movers and shakers! Babies at this age often begin crawling, standing, and walking so time with push toys and activity tables are added to the daily schedule. Sign language begins to be taught in this room as well with basic signs such as more, eat, milk, please, and thank you. Of course the communication continues in this room as well with the daily sheets, emails, and conferences.


Older Ones (16 months to 24 months)

$285 per week

So many new things begin happening in our toddler room! The move from the infant unit to this room signifies the change from the on demand feeding and sleeping needs met in the infant room to a more structured curriculum and schedule. Our toddlers day includes circle time where sign language, body parts, colors, shapes, and more are covered through books and songs. Each day also includes outdoor time, art projects and small group time with puzzles, play doh, and other manipulatives.  


Young Twos (24 months-potty trained)

$265 per week

This is a room many parents are excited about because a major milestone is worked on in here-potty training! We work with each family individually to make sure similar techniques are being used both home and at school to encourage consistency and success. Academically we begin introduction to letters and numbers in this room as well as early writing skills. As they are getting older they are able to participate in more hands on crafts and move to the older playground where more gross motor skills are worked on.


Preschool (3 years-4 years)

$250 per week

The preschool room is a dynamic learning environment full of social opportunities through play in centers such as blocks, dramatic play, art, and science balanced with an academic program that includes letter and number of the week, phonics, Spanish lessons, and daily writing. The room is the first step of our preschool program and school readiness skills such as holding a pencil and using scissors are introduced here as well.


Pre-Kindergarten (4 years-5 years)

$250 per week

Pre-K is the last stop before kindergarten so the focus in this room is to make sure that every student leaves this room more than prepared to be successful in elementary school. The foundation has been laid throughout our childcare and early education program from the infant room up and the pre-k year is the icing on the cake!  Sight words, French, journal writing, science class, and themed sign language lessons are all additions to the curriculum in this room.

Brighton Learning Center Mission

Innovative & Responsible

Our mission is to provide devoted childcare, quality early education and individual customer service to area parents who want a partner in their child’s care and education.

Devoted childcare - our teachers have been with us at Brighton Learning Center for years, some as long as four, six, or even the entire eight years we have been open! All of the teachers receive over the required number of training hours in various fields such as health, safety, nutrition, curriculum, and behavior.  Teachers are also all CPR and first aid certified as well as being well versed in what to do in emergencies.  For your family's safety and security, each teacher is fingerprinted and background checked and we also have cameras installed in each room as an extra layer of precaution. We serve quality and healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack) each day that is cooked with love, on-site.  Our staff builds relationships through one on one and small group time, daily, to give every single family that warm and fuzzy feeling when their child is with us.

Quality Early Education - we teach and assess using a theme-based and project-based curriculum. We teach using different approaches and styles through active lessons, sign language, Spanish, and more! Parents can see how and what their children are learning through the child created displays in our hallways, our active Facebook page, as well as the annual parent/teacher conferences. Our lesson plans are available through our interactive app that allows parents to not only view lessons, but receive pictures, notifications on their child's care and education throughout the day, and message the teachers directly.

Customer Service - we work with each family individually, to make sure that area children receive quality, affordable childcare, and education. We encourage family involvement through many different family-focused events such as the grandparents' day lunch, field day, our annual family BBQ, bike day, literacy night and so many more activities. We also visit many Kansas City attractions, such as the Zoo, Kaleidoscope, Science City, pumpkin patches and more, through field trips that extend our students' learning experiences.

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7227 N Euclid Ave, Gladstone, MO 64119, USA

111 NW Barry Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64155, USA

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